Game Reports

Game Reports


There are several game reports on my website. You can read them by clicking on the links. Some of them are downloadable as PDFs, other are on the website. PDFs are recognisable by their icon and web-based reports are links to other pages.

Frostgrave - Dark Alchemy campaign - Game 1 (The Alchemical Monstrosity)

Frostgrave - Dark Alchemy campaign - Game 2 (Skeletal Run)

Frostgrave - Dark Alchemy campaign - Game 3 (The Spreading Flames)

Miniature gaming

Like the name implies, miniature gaming is all about miniatures. These small figurines are generally 6mm - 100mm big and represent normal scaled people, animals and creatures. In most games the miniatures are supplied unpainted and unassembled. So first you need to assemble the pewter, resin or plastic miniatures and then paint them. The paint is not mandatory but adds to the experience.

Once you're ready you and your mates play games with the miniatures and the model scenery. And in addition you need a set of rules, a ruler and often some dice. This together forms the hobby known as miniature gaming. Is it very different from playing board games? Not really. The main difference is that it's truly 3D, you have your painted miniatures and most games have WAY more rules and more complicated.


But for me, in the end miniature gaming is about two things:


1. The hobby. After a day's work it's always relaxing to sit down in my painting chair, pick up a miniature and a brush and slap some paint on the small toy soldier. You clear your mind and you can do all kinds of creative experiments.


2. The social aspect of gaming. Gaming is cool, but mostly because you're sitting with your mates around a table having fun. And as long as you're having fun it's a good game! I played games competitively in the past and had some good times. But now I don't really care for them anymore. With two kids and a loving wife there is little hobby time and I'd rather spend it with my real mates having fun, than having intense rules arguments with people I hardly know.