Heresy & Hasslefree

Heresy & Hasslefree miniatures gallery


In this gallery you can find all of the Heresy and Hasselfree miniatures I painted. Half of the Heresy miniatures were painted as commissions and you can also find the photos on their website.

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Hasslefree miniatures

Heresy Miniatures

Heresy Miniatures started out years ago and was one of the first well known providers of alternative fantasy models for your Warhammer armies. They gained fame with the enormous and totally awesome Netherlord...a huge (about 10" tall) daemon which was radical and special for its time. During the years Heresy released all kinds of miniatures. Most people will know them for their myriad creatures (mostly evil and mostly muscular) but they have also released original and characterful science fiction models.


Their release schedule may not be the tightest, but they are still an excellent resource for big hulking monsters or iconic barbarians.

Hasslefree Miniatures

About ten years ago the sculptor Kev White started his own company: Hasslefree Miniatures. Until then he sculpted for several companies and his Warzone and Void 1.1 sculpts are still loved by many.

Now ten years later Hasslefree have an extensive gallery of brilliant sculpts in all catagories. Kev sculpts fantasy miniatures, science fiction, fantasy football, etc. And basically all of his sculpts are top notch. Kev is well known for his excellent lady sculpts and his knowledge of the human musculature. If you want a realistic and well proportioned barbarian or a scantly clothed lady, check out Hasslefree. They are still one of the leading companies in quality and their customer service is the best there is.