Rackham Miniatures


In this gallery you can find all the metal and plastic miniatures I painted and the plastic AT-43 miniatures I re-painted for gaming. Click on the images to get a bigger view.



Rackham Miniatures

Rackham Miniatures is maybe the company which changed miniature gaming and miniature painting the most. Around the turn of the century they blasted us all away with their new and inventive sculpts and their fantastic and top notch painting. Super stylized sculpts with fantastic colors and the radical "Non Metal Metal" technique. With this painting style you paint metal with normal paints, like art painters do. A terrific style for some miniatures and a terrific way of mastering painting metals.


Rackham's biggest success was the Confrontation line with which they changed the business. Years later they released AT-43, a new concept. With AT-43 they produced *plastic pre-painted* miniatures. So all done and playable right from the box. It was a departure from their flagship line of Confrontation. Still, AT-43 had excellent miniatures and with some fast and simple techniques you could improve the miniatures for gaming.


Unfortunately it all went downhill for Rackham. They ditched the metal Confrontation miniatures and replaced them with pre-painted plastic. No way as good (but still good stuff for gaming though!) and it all didn't work out for them. So unfortunately Rackham imploded and so did Confrontation and AT-43. A real shame...but fortunately I got my hands on enough stuff to last me a lifetime :-)