Fantasy miniatures


Here you can find all generic fantasy miniatures. There are other galleries where you can find Fantasy miniatures, but here I placed all generic fantasy stuff as a big pool of sword & sorcery coolness :-)




From Tolkienesque Fantasy to D&D Fantasy, there is a lot to find. Lately I have been really into Frostgrave, a fantastic Fantasy game which gives lots of options for miniatures to use.

The main thing that defines Fantasy for me is the 'sword & sorcery' feel, a bit like oldskool Dungeons & Dragons. So Knights, Elfs, Orks, Dragons and other typical Fantasy stereotypes.


Fantasy is also where my roots lie. My first real Fantasy book was The Hobbit and at the age of 11 I received the Heroquest game for Sinterklaas (Dutch festivity). I am still planning to paint all of my Heroquest one day and maybe...maybe one day me and my son can play a game :-). That would be awesome and make it all full circle.