Malifaux gallery


In this gallery you can find all of the Malifaux models I have painted. I mainly have the old 1st and 1.5 edition models and I really love their style. My main faction will be Guild, so expect to find mostly Guild models here.


The Guild



Ah...Malifaux! One of the coolest settings for a game and also one of the best games with terrific rules. Yes, I love it.


Malifaux is a skirmish game in a victorian Steampunk setting. A 'breach' to another dimension (Malifaux) has opened on Earth. On the other side is a world similar to Earth, but also way different and...more deadly. In Malifaux magic is abundant and all around. This is fueled by the much wanted soulstones. These magical stones give magical users a HUGE (but short) boost in power. It is the main economy that makes Malifaux so interesting. Man has moved through the breach and now occupy a small part of the alien Malifaux world. This is governed by the oppressive Guild. A big brother who hold a tight leash on soulstone mining and shipping and don't care a lot for human wellbeing. This in turn has led to humans revolting against their oppressors. These Arcanists fight against the Guild, but also have sinister and dark agendas. At the same time some humans have discovered the art of reanimating corpses and binding spirits to their will. The Resurrectionists raise the dead and fight the living...but I honestly have no clue what their goal is.

Then there are the Ten Thunders, a Nippon faction. Think of Samurai mixed with Yakuza and you're not far off. Lots of katanas and stylish models. The Outcasts are the game's mercenaries. They offer all kinds of options and bring interesting and original characters to the world.

Malifaux wasn't an empty world though...the two main native factions are the Gremlins and Neverborn. The Gremlins are a funny race of small and odd creatures. Compare them to Labyrinth goblins mixed with gremlins from the Gremlins movie and you have an idea. Lots of humour there! The Neverborn on the other hand are the game's demons. They are the true masters of Malifaux and want one thing: for mankind to get the heck out of Malifaux! They use all kind of freaky demons, animated dolls, swamp monsters and other nasties to kick humans away, out of Malifaux.


All in all a nice bunch of factions.

Malifaux itself is a TERRIFIC game with solid rules and it uses cards instead of dice. And yes, it works very well. It's also a true skirmish game, so don't expect to field (and paint!) a lot of models for a game. A big plus in my book.