Tutorials: Making snow


Having finished a lot of scenery for Frostgrave this weekend, I thought it might be nice to share my new snow recipe I used. I’m really happy with how it looks and how easy it is to apply.


So, what do you need?

1.Vallejo Still Water

2.Woodland Scenics Snow (Soft Flake)

3.Bottle of sparkly glitter

4.Brush to mix the snow and apply it to the scenery

I used Vallejo Still Water because many PVA glues tend to yellow over time and as far as I know VSW does not. In addition, it adds a certain amount of wetness to the snow which is excellent for a thawing city! I added the glitter to give the snow that typical sparkly look. The bottle of glitter was purchased in a toy store, at the girl makeup section. Tip: bring your daughter/niece/neighbor along if possible, it prevents any weird looks :D. Finally, I went for Woodland Scenics Snow and not baking soda because I really don’t want it to yellow over time. And Baking Soda does, even with white paint added. I have lots of yellowish snow bases in my showcase…:(

Finally, make sure your brush is clean. You don’t want any colour hues in the snow mix.


Step 1


Toss in a good amount of Woodland Scenics Snow in a small plastic container.

Step 2


Squirt a good amount of glitter in the container. You can add quite a lot, depending on the effect you want. And mine even smells of strawberry!

Step 3


Squirt in the Still Water. Make sure you do this in steps, adding more and more to get the right consistency. Too little and the snow becomes too thick and you can’t smear it on the scenery well. Too much and the snow is to liquid and will flow off the scenery. In addition, thin snow mixes won’t be as white as thicker mixes.

Now you can vary the liquidity of the snow mix. A bit on the thicker side and you will have thickly packed snow. A bit on the runny side and you will have melting snow.

(I mixed it with a sculpting tool, but you can use the brush normally)


Step 4


Dip the brush in the snow mix and dab it on the scenery. Now for my scenery piece I wanted to have patches of slightly melting snow. It’ll be for Frostgrave, so that seemed a cool solution.

At this stage check if the mix is too thin or not. You can see if it will slowly run off the scenery. If so, add some WS Snow. If it’s hard to apply because it’s too thick, then add some more Still Water.

Done! Just wait at least 24 hours to let it dry well.


Here’s how it looks after applying all the snow:


And here it is after letting it dry for 24 hours:

A good white snow with some sparkle and a nice texture. Very easy to do and I am very happy with the final look.


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